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The Earth Project

Google has released Google Earth, a Windows program that pretty much does this except for the weather parts (I think).

This is the home page for the Earth project, which is essentially an attempt to create a comprehensive, intuitive user-interface to all possible data that can be represented geographically; in other words, the uberglobe.

The need for Earth is simple. The Internet has made available a simply mind-boggling amount of data regarding the world: weather, land use, transportation, and so on, but without any real way of putting it together to form an understandable picture of what's going on. This is what Earth wants to provide.

Picture this...

Imagine holding a globe in your hands. It's very detailed; you can see the mountains and plains in relief. A clipboard floats nearby, with a checklist on it. Check off "Clouds", and instantly the current cloud patterns bloom, straight from the weather satellites. Check off "Political", and up-to-the-minute political boundaries are traced over the surface.

But that's just the beginning. Bring your eye closer, and you can zoom in towards any spot on earth. Find directions from your hotel to the nearest grocery. Follow the progress of the plane carrying your shipments in real time. Follow the flocks of swallows returning to Capistrano.

Literally any information that can be rendered geographically will be easily displayed on Earth. Much real-time data is already publicly accessible, or available for a fee, but Earth will make that data information.

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Taper Wickel
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